Sea Change Commentary on BSR Conference Featured in CSRminute

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Check out the CSRminute from our good friends at 3BL Media, who caught up with Sea Change Media Executive Director Bill Baue at the Business for Social Responsibility Conference in San Francisco last week.  He was there gathering material for a research fellowship Sea Change Media conducting with Marcy Murninghan and Bob Massie on web 2.0 and corporate accountability for the Harvard-Kennedy Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative – with the BSR Conference coming on the heels of the JustMeans Social Media for Sustainability and the Web 2.0 Summit.  The beauty of these conferences is that they open up the mic to let the audience ask direct questions.  Check out the video of GE CEO Jeff Immelt, and scroll to 23:15 to hear his response to the question Bill asked him: how does GE use web 2.0 tools to engage with its stakeholders on sustainability issues?

Bill tweeted on all three conferences, so you can check out his Twitter feed (@bbaue) and also see his tweets in context by searching by hashtags: #justmeans, #bsr, and #w2s.

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2 Responses to “Sea Change Commentary on BSR Conference Featured in CSRminute”

  1. Bill,

    I appreciated the brief video recap of the BSR Conference and the highlights you noted. As you point out, the technology is allowing us to expand the conversation.

    From the earliest beginning of SRI, we have seen the trend of convergence of financial reporting, sustainability reporting, and Web 2.0 with standard data measures from GRI and others. It is on the horizon.

    Stakeholder relations and transparency is also expanding to include dialog beyond organizational NGO representatives to a broader audience to bring the best and brightest ideas forward.

    I look forward to what you discover with the Harvard-Kennedy CSR Initiative utilizing Web 2.0 and Corporate Accountability.


    Dennis Muscato

  2. Bill Baue says:


    Great to hear from you — long time no see! I do see the potential for financial and sustainability reporting being latent in SRI for a long time, but I don’t necessarily see the web 2.0 component being embedded in the SRI trajectory. Heck, there’s not a lot of folks in the SRI world who are talking too much about web 2.0.

    Thanks for that link to the CSRI page for our project — that’s the first I’ve seen of it — what a lark!