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Brewing Biofuel from E. Coli — and Fill Er Up with Yellow Grease

Bill Haywood
Robin Gold and Tofu Pup

Producing biofuel is kind of like brewing beer, a practice that’s been around since the Phoenicians and Egyptians first fermented things, according to Bill Haywood, CEO of the San Francisco-based company LS9.  He explains to Sea Change Radio West Coast Correspondent Alex Wise how his company uses E. Coli‘s digestion capabilities (which have been around for billions of years) to convert sugar to biofuels and chemicals.  Next, Alex speaks with Robin Gold, co-founder of Dogpatch Biofuels, a filling station in San Francisco where drivers can gas up on “yellow grease,” or waste vegetable oil.

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Cool Industry for A Cooler Planet

In this fifth episode of our Back To The Future series, we look at how the mighty power of the Connecticut River fueled the birth of manufacturing in Massachusetts — and the country — not just in producing finished goods, like paper and textiles, but also in making the machinery that drove the mills. Continue reading

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Fueling Cars on Used Veggie Oil, and Shipping Used Shoes to Africa

Moira DeNike
Alex Wise

Sea Change Radio West Coast Correspondent Alex Wise interviews Moira DeNike about fueling a 1985 Mercedes 300 Diesel on waste vegetable oil (or WVO).  Sea Change Co-Host Kelsey Flynn talks to Ric Sustache of Greasecar, which sells kits to convert diesel cars to run on WVO, as well as Laura Douglass, whose experience as a WVO car driver differs in interesting ways from Moira’s.  And Sea Change Host Bill Baue speaks with Michael Aronson about ReRun Sports Shoes, the company he co-founded to collect lightly used shoes and sell them in Guinea, Mali, Congo, Liberia, and Niger, Africa.

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Sustainable Schools: Education Goes Green

This edition of Sea Change Radio studies sustainable education.  Co-Host Bill Baue speaks with Sustainable Endowments Institute Executive Director Mark Orlowski about the College Sustainability Report Card.  Co-Host Kelsey Flynn then chats with Josh Stoffel, the new Sustainability Coordinator here at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where we produce Sea Change Radio, and Monty Archbald, chair of the Green Campus Committee at Greenfield Community College.  And finally, Bill talks with Neil Drobny of the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University.

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