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Socially Responsible Investment Community Reacts to BP Deepwater Disaster

“Man is not imprisoned by habit. Great changes in him can be wrought by crisis — once that crisis can be recognized and understood.” -author Norman Cousins

Sea Change Radio’s Alex Wise and CEO of Sustainability Risk Advisors, Mark Tulay, examine if there is a silver lining to what many are calling the greatest environmental disaster in history unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading

Go To The Beach Soon: Coastal & Surfer Advocate Mark Massara

Sea Change Radio’s Alex Wise speaks with Mark Massara, attorney and long-time activist for the Surfrider Foundation and the Sierra Club, currently serving as VP of Social Responsibility for O’Neill Wetsuits. Mark talks about O’Neill and the challenges  the wetsuit industry faces as it attempts the shift to sustainability. Mark also recalls some of the landmark environmental cases he’s argued  on behalf of surfers and coastal advocacy groups, underscoring the role the courts can play in preserving our oceans and our earth.

Startups Help Homeowners Conserve

This week on Sea Change Radio, a profile of three Bay Area companies trying to help people lower their electric bills. Alex Wise first speaks with Danny Kennedy, the founder of Sungevity, a company that provides customers with solar installation quotes remotely using satellite imaging technology. Mr. Kennedy, who worked as an activist before entering the solar business, also discusses the issues facing. Next, we hear from the founders of two home energy auditing startups – Steve Malloy of YoutilBill and Matt Golden of Recurve.

Sustainable Grooves: The Art of Making Guitars Responsibly

In November of 2009, world-renowned guitar-maker, Gibson Guitar Corp., was raided by Federal Agents from the US Fish & Wildlife Service over the illegal importation of rosewood from Madagascar. It served as a wake up call to the entire guitar & bass industry. This week on Sea Change RadioAlex Wise speaks with Anderson Page and Joe Perman of high-end bass guitar crafter, Modulus Guitars, to get their insight into the Gibson scandal, the international trade in rare woods and how Modulus is able to maintain its ethical and sustainable practices.  

Continue reading

Picture of a Positive Future: A Different Way Of Getting Around

This week on Sea Change Radio, Dr. Chandrasekhar “Spike” Narayan of IBM’s Almaden Research Center talks to Sea Change host Alex Wise about his team’s Battery 500 Project.  Then, digital artist, Steve Price, of Urban Advantage, a firm that creates visions of pedestrian-friendly, socially-interactive communities by transforming photographs using photo-editing software, walks us through some of the traffic, parking and other transportation-related issues facing today’s green urban designers. 

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