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Vaclav Smil Part II

Last week on Sea Change Radio, we heard from renowned energy expert Vaclav Smil, as he spoke about his book, Energy Transitions, the future of electric vehicles and why he has largely avoided the media spotlight up to now. This week, the second part of host Alex Wise‘s discussion with Professor Smil, as they discuss the ins and outs of fossil fuel – from peak oil to the Alberta tar sands and natural gas fracking – as well as some possible ways to help solve America’s energy puzzle.

Smil and the Whole World Smils with You: Part I of Vaclav Smil Interview

This week on Sea Change Radio, a rare interview with renowned energy expert and futurist, Vaclav Smil. A Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Manitoba in Canada, Smil is the author of 29 books dealing with energy, environment, population, history, and technical advances.

 In Part I of host Alex Wise‘s two part discussion with him, Professor Smil delves into why he has shied away from radio and television appearances since being labeled a “climate change denier” by some environmentalists. He discusses his latest book on energy transitions and shares his thoughts on how long it may actually take for us to wean ourselves from a fossil fuel-based global economy.

Seizing the Opportunity with Kinkead Reiling of Amyris & Bob Massie

This week on Sea Change Radio we hear from two people who, on separate coasts and in different ways, are pursuing their missions for a more sustainable future. First, host Alex Wise talks with Kinkead Reiling, Co-Founder of Amyris, a Bay Area bio-refining company that hopes its sugar-derived petroleum substitute will, within a few years, offer a competitive, low-emission, sustainable alternative to jet fuel and diesel. Then, Sea Change Radio founder Bill Baue interviews Bob Massie, a pioneer in the movement toward corporate social responsibility, founder of the Global Reporting Initiative, award-winning author and now a candidate in Massachusetts for the U.S. Senate.

Don’t Throw It All Away: Park Spark Project & American Wasteland

This week’s guests on Sea Change Radio both are waste crusaders in their own unique ways. First, host Alex Wise speaks with conceptual artist Matthew Mazzotta about his Park Spark Project, which shows how dog poop can be used to make electricity using methane digesters. Then we hear from Jonathan Bloom, a food waste expert, blogger and author of American Wasteland, who has unearthed some frightening realities about the amount of food we waste from field to fridge.

There Will Be Crud

California’s Kern County is the state’s primary producer of oil. But the stuff that comes out of the ground in this desert region of southern California isn’t the black liquid many of us imagine rushing like a geyser out of the earth, but a thick goopy substance that must be forced out of the ground. What do they use to do that? A resource that’s nearly as valuable in this dusty corner of California’s Central Valley: water. Our guest this week is Jeremy Miller, an investigative journalist who’s written an article in the February issue of Orion Magazine. He tells us all about Kern County, how the methods used to extract the cruddy crude are pitting agricultural interests against oil interests, how water is being expended in the endless pursuit of petroleum, and how, by reducing our dependence on oil, we’d also be preventing the waste of that life-giving compound, H2O. They say water and oil don’t mix, today on Sea Change Radio, we discover what happens when they do.