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Think Globally Trade Locally

On this week’s Sea Change Radio, craigslist founder Craig Newmark discusses craigslist’s sustainability ethos and his new non-profit, Craig Connects. Next, software activist Matthew Slater talks about the complementary currency movement.

Red Lights on the Road to Green Innovation

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In the first half of the 21st Century, discussions about the future of energy abound. Engineers are in hot pursuit of new technologies that will provide green, inexpensive energy. But how new are they really? This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio is Alexis Madrigal, whose new book, […]

Aftershocks: A Nuclear Rebuttal

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Last week on Sea Change Radio, we heard from someone who, despite the recent nuclear disaster in Japan, defended the continued exploration of nuclear power as part of the new energy equation. This week, we’ll hear an alternative perspective. Our first guest is solar power executive Danny Kennedy, […]

Nuclear Risks, Real & Perceived: Breakthrough Institute’s Jesse Jenkins

Jesse Jenkins, the Director of Energy and Climate Policy at the Breakthrough Institute, a think tank that advocates for innovative solutions to energy and climate challenges, believes that nuclear power ought to be a significant part of a more sustainable energy plan. Listen as Sea Change Radio host Alex Wise asks him about the risks, real and perceived, and how the catastrophe in Japan affects his views on nuclear power.