Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Future of Nowhere: James Howard Kunstler

This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio is author and futurist James Howard Kunstler. In his numerous articles and books he paints a future that involves rather drastic changes to business as usual for the human race. His most recent article in Orion Magazine, Back To The Future, attempts to punch holes in the theories of urbanists like Harvard economist Edward Glaeser who believe that increased, more efficient urbanization can be a life raft for a human race that has already depleted many of earth’s treasures.

In his talk with host Alex Wise, you’ll hear Kunstler’s own dystopian theories on the fate of suburban America, the necessary decline of global commerce, and the bumbling nature of grassroots environmental efforts. But, lest this interview leave us all feeling paralyzed by gloom, Mr. Kunstler talks about what makes him most optimistic about a post-carbon tomorrow.

Natalia Allen: Social Responsibility With Style

What are you wearing right now? Tube socks from China? A Patagonia fleece? A pair of pants made from hemp? Most people probably don’t think that much about the social and environmental impact of our clothing choices. But our guest this week on Sea Change Radio, Natalia Allen, believes that you don’t have to be wearing a tee-shirt with a slogan to make a statement with your clothes. She’s been called an “conscientious fashionista” who not only promotes more responsible consumer behavior, encouraging us all to think about the environmental and human costs of cheap clothing and textiles, she’s actually producing clothing and accessories that give consumers a stylish set of alternatives. Sea Change Radio host Alex Wise talks with Natalia Allen about making fashion more sustainable, and sustainability more fashionable.

Goats and Glass

So much of changing our behavior to become better stewards of our environment comes down to the little things. The stuff we usually don’t think twice about at home. – like the milk we drink or the windows we look through. This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise first speaks to John Van Dine, the CEO of SAGE Electrochromics, the leading developer of dynamic window glass, which tints automatically to optimize daylight and reduce energy consumption. Then, we hear from Jennifer Bice, the owner of Redwood Hill Farm, who tells us how goats can be a more sustainable alternative to cows.

A Greener Way For San Jose

It’s the tenth largest city in the United States and the third largest city in California, but San Jose is often overshadowed by its popular neighbor to the north, San Francisco. This week on Sea Change Radio we talk about San Jose and the little-known ways that this big city is leading the charge toward sustainability. Our guest is Councilmember Ash Kalra, who talks with host Alex Wise about the successes and challenges of promoting environmentally sound policy in a city that’s one of the most ethnically and economically diverse in the nation. Councilmember Kalra tells us about the progress being made there, from hybrid busses, to a city-wide plastic bag ban, to the mission to make San Jose a zero-waste city. He also shares with us some of the challenges the city’s policymakers have encountered, including the economic downturn and a pervasive not-in-my-backyard attitude that stands in the way of progress. Listen now as we examine how the lessons learned in this urban microcosm of the United States can be applied to any city working for a greener tomorrow.