Monthly Archives: March 2012

From Vine To Cork: Sustainable Wine-Making Practices

You are planning a nice dinner party and you want to buy a bottle of wine. How do you stay true to your environmental commitment when choosing a wine? Do you need to buy organic wine, or are there other factors that are more significant? And what about the cork? Does it matter what stops the bottle up? Today on Sea Change Radio we explore wine – what goes in the bottle and what seals it. First, we hear from winemaker Christopher Vandendriessche who discusses practices in the industry that do and do not promote sustainability, and how his small family-run winery, White Rock Vineyards, works to conserve natural resources while producing excellent-tasting wine. Next, host Alex Wise speaks to environmental journalist and educator Andrew Revkin, who has been leading a documentary filmmaking project on the sustainability of cork. They talk about cork and the movement toward synthetic corks and aluminum screw-tops.

Bill McKibben: Currency For The Green Movement

Bill McKibben is one of the world’s leading environmentalists. In addition to his recent success leading a coalition to stop the construction against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, McKibben heads, an international organization dedicated to raising awareness of global warming. This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise talks with McKibben about the struggle to stop the pipeline, the impact of the Citizens United ruling on the environmental movement and what is on the horizon for him and his fellow green advocates.

The New Capitalism

Both of this week’s guests on Sea Change Radio are entrepreneurs who have tapped into a new eco-conscious consumer class. First, we hear from Bryan Welch, a Kansas organic farmer, writer and publisher of Mother Earth News and the Utne Reader. We discuss Welch’s belief that environmental messaging driven by a positive vision is more effective than the fear-based messaging that is so common in the environmental movement. Next, host Alex Wise talks with Steve Glenn, the CEO of Living Homes, a green, pre-fab construction company that takes a unique, more efficient approach to the home building process.

Shopping More Responsibly With Good Guide (re-broadcast)

Good Guide is a web-based index that scores products from food and beverage to apparel and appliances on their health, environmental and societal impacts, allowing consumers to be truly informed. Good Guide also has a mobile app, so you can literally scan the barcode of the product that interests you, see how it rates, and be directed to products in that category with the highest ratings. This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise speaks with Dara O’Rourke, co-founder and chief sustainability officer of Good Guide.