New Acts of Valor: Sara Flounders on the environmental impact of the U.S. military

Patriotism. Since the birth of the nation-state, humans have equated fighting in battle on behalf one’s country as the ultimate form of patriotism. But the U.S. military is far and away the planet’s biggest polluting force. Given the looming threat of climate change, perhaps it’s time we recognize environmental stewardship as the more patriotic undertaking.

This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise talks with author and activist Sara Flounders about the pollution and environmental devastation that continues to be wreaked by the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. How do we break this bellicose cycle of using resources to destroy human life and degrade the earth? Can the green movement somehow become the new face of patriotism? And what exactly does mother nature need to tell us until we finally understand that war is not the answer?

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3 Responses to “New Acts of Valor: Sara Flounders on the environmental impact of the U.S. military”

  1. Tim says:

    Just for your information. All US Aircraft carriers are powered by nuclear reactors. You loose all credibility when you suggest that they are burning oil for propulsion. There is nothining wrong with the US Military trying to be more energy efficient (and they should), but you can’t hinder a military with laws that would hamper our national security when they are really needed.
    China is the largest producer of emissions in the world, according to the latest ranking from risk management consultancy Maplecroft. China emits about 6,018 million tons of greenhouse gases per year.

  2. Alex Wise says:

    Thanks, Tim. I think what the guest was referring to with the fuel consumption was based on the fuel emissions from the jets on the aircraft carrier. You’re right that China is the country with the world’s most emissions (although the US has a much higher per capita rate) but we were not including entire countries, just companies/agencies/organizations. Your point is well taken, however, and I hope you keep listening to the show! -Alex

  3. Tim says:

    Thanks Alex, I enjoy the show and will continue to listen. It’s just that I felt Ms. Sara Flounders was so anti-military and was misleading in her statistics. Thanks for the reply.