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GMO: Your Right To Know

Like it or not, genetically engineered foods make up a significant portion of our nation’s food supply. Approximately ninety-three percent of all U.S. soy and canola and eighty-six percent of our corn are genetically modified. There are informed positions on both sides of the debate around genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, pertaining to the health and long-term safety of these food products. But many assert that as long as this debate still rages, consumers deserve to know whether they’re eating and serving foods that have been genetically modified.

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Playing Catch-Up: CALSTART’s John Boesel on Fuel Efficiency Standards

We often hear about efforts to raise the fuel efficiency standards for our nation’s fleet of automobiles but what’s being done to make our trucks and buses burn less gas? This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio, is doing something to help tackle this problem. John Boesel is the CEO of CALSTART, a non-profit organization that’s trying to help  develop and implement clean, more efficient transportation solutions by advocating for more progressive policies. Boesel and host Alex Wise discuss the barriers to change fuel efficiency standards over the past thirty years, the progress that’s been made over the past four years, what hurdles lie ahead and what lessons we can learn from similar efforts in other countries.

Matt Wasson: A Mountain Hugger on the Myth of “Clean Coal”

Do you cringe when you hear the term “clean coal?” Our guest this week on Sea Change Radio feels that this term is not only an oxymoron it’s offensive to the many communities all over the world who are forced to live with the devastating environmental and health impacts of this multi-billion dollar industry. Politicians, by contrast, seem to like the term, “clean coal” quite a bit. As someone who is in favor of renewable energy, when you watch progressive and conservative candidates arguing about who is a better ally to the coal industry do you sometimes think, “what would it sound like if someone took on coal in one of these debates?” Well, today Matt Wasson, an ecologist and the director of programs for Appalachian Voices, answers this question. Listen now as he talks to host Alex Wise to confront conventional wisdom, refute the politicians, and tell it like it is.

Steve Almond Pt. 2: On The United States of Irrationality

Author Steve Almond is an astute observer of American topics as disparate as candy, rock & roll and politics. This week on Sea Change Radio, in the second half of his two-part discussion with host Alex Wise, Almond delves into the environmental movement and the moral quandary of a society that so desperately wants to have its cake and eat it too. Almond believes that behind the politics of war and deception lies a lack of empathy and willful ignorance – and that in order to have a serious discussion that advances issues as vital as the global climate crisis we must be willing to address our “imperial luxuries and abuses,” and honestly consider the “deprivations suffered in less fortunate precincts.”

Steve Almond Pt. 1: On Magical Thoughts

Magical thinking. According to the McGraw Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine, this is a condition, “similar to a normal stage of childhood development, in which thoughts, words or actions assume a magical power, and are able to prevent or cause events to happen without a physical action occurring.” If you think this sounds a little bit like our policy approach to the climate crisis, you’re not alone. Our guest this week on Sea Change Radio is Steve Almond, author, social commentator, and a highly opinionated gentleman. Today, in Part 1 of our two-part discussion, he rails against an infantile, narcissistic mindset that allows denial of science and inaction on the environment. Listen now as Almond and host Alex Wise jaw about the media response to 9/11, scolding our children, and our inalienable right to big sodas.

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