Driving Change in What We Drive

For better or for worse, cars are not leaving the American landscape anytime soon. The automobile is woven into the cultural fabric of our country like nothing else. But we also know that the status quo is not sustainable. This week on Sea Change Radio, we discuss efforts by the Sierra Club to advocate for electric vehicles with Gina Coplon-Newfield and then, for a little context, we dip into the Sea Change Radio archives to hear some of host Alex Wise‘s discussion with David Johnson, whose company, Achates Power, is developing a more efficient combustion engine.

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One Response to “Driving Change in What We Drive”

  1. Jstack6 says:

    Good ,Better ,Best isn’t the answer. ALL plugins can charge Off Peak with excess energy. Our grid is connected across the US. If you don’t use the excess it’s dumped.

    An electric car, even charged by coal is 4 times cleaner than burning oil/gas. It uses US made energy. It reduces brake wear and dust. That is super even in a very high coal-powered area.