Robert Boyd on the Hydrogen Economy

RobertBoydOne of the most alluring answers to the climate change conundrum is a transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a hydrogen-based economy. As hydrogen power technology continues to evolve, it certainly seems like a promising way to decarbonize our energy system – but what are the practical considerations? Unlike carbon-based energy sources, there are no natural reservoirs of hydrogen on the planet; moreover, it must be bound to a carrier like natural gas or water. HydrogenThis week’s guest on Sea Change Radio is hydrogen vehicle fuel technology expert, Robert Boyd. Boyd and host Alex Wise discuss this relatively clean and plentiful resource, and what he and others are doing to help get us over the production and distribution hurdles that stand between us and a shift to a hydrogen-based economy.

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2 Responses to “Robert Boyd on the Hydrogen Economy”

  1. Naneen Karraker says:

    Nice piece, Alex. Glad you and Rob connected.

  2. James Root says:

    Interesting discussion but, like most hydrogen guys, your guest was continually evasive on tough questions. Hydrogen power has been an immensely damaging red herring, in it’s waste of time and effort, in the effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions. It is not really doable upon close inspection. That is why is was put out there by the Bush energy people(oil people)as a distraction to people who otherwise might have pressed harder for real solutions. It might have cost us ten critical years. Smart, well meaning guys like your guest have been unwitting agents of this disaster.