Monthly Archives: February 2016

Tim Dickinson: Sunshine State In The Dark

Tim DickinsonThink about the sunniest states in the U.S.  Florida, the place that calls itself “the sunshine state” is sure to come to mind. Indeed, the solar industry considers Florida to be the state with the third greatest rooftop solar potential in the country. So the place must be almost totally off the grid at this point, right? Well, no. Florida boasts only 9,000 homes with solar rooftops, while New York, a state with a similar sized population, and a much less hospitable weather profile, has 25,000. What is going on with Florida? Do people there just really like to pay more for their electricity, or, is it something else? Our guest this week on Sea Change Radio is Rolling Stone reporter Tim Dickinson, who has just completed an excellent piece of investigative journalism on Florida and the role the Koch brothers play in thwarting the use of the world’s most renewable and abundant power source.

Alex Camacho: Supreme Court Climate

AlexCamachoRemember the Paris Climate Agreement, when it looked for a moment like world leaders were actually going to address our shared global concern? Well, last week the US Supreme Court, in an unprecedented move, granted a stay to the utility companies and 27 states who had filed suit to halt the Obama Administration’s lynchpin environmental legislation – the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The stay posed a threat to the recent Paris Climate Agreement. But then, over the weekend, things took a dramatic turn with the death of the Supreme Court’s arch-conservative, Antonin Scalia. So what does it all mean for US climate policy? Joining us this week on Sea Change Radio to make sense of the complexities of these court proceedings is environmental law expert Alex Camacho, a Professor at the University of California at Irvine. He describes the implications of the stay, and explains how Scalia’s passing does and does not affect this decision by the Court.

Salt Of The Earth: Farm Zero’s Mike Fawcett

MikeFawcettFarm Zero is a five year-old startup company that’s a concept for sustainable agricultural systems that use sea water rather than fresh water as the core for growing fruits and vegetables. This concept could someday be a life-saver in places dealing with water scarcity and other resource poverty. This week on Sea Change Radio we talk to the founder of Farm Zero, Mike Fawcett, as he tells us about the company’s technology and efforts in places like Oman and Grenada. Then we hear from writer Lauren Markham about the new generation of American hipster farmers, or “farmsters.”

Johan Rockström: A Swedish Perspective On Climate Change

JohanRockstromGiven its northern latitude, Sweden is warming more rapidly than many other places in the world. Johan Rockström, one of Sweden’s leading environmental scholars, joins us this week on Sea Change Radio to discuss his latest book, Big World, Small Planet, in which he details some of the approaches Sweden has taken to reduce carbon emissions and slow the progress of climate change.