Alex Wise

Alex Wise is the Host and Executive Producer of Sea Change Radio. His passion for the environment grew out of a concern over energy consumption and resource extraction, and a belief that innovations in technology and public policy have the potential to create a more sustainable planet. He has interviewed such luminaries as green jobs guru, Van Jones, the founder of the Whole Earth catalog, Stewart Brand, and energy expert, Vaclav Smil.

Alex’s career as a media executive includes management-level positions at both start-ups and large media conglomerates like Time Warner and News Corp. His consulting clients have included video-on-demand services, Japanese wireless startups and leading branded music agencies. He helped CREDO Mobile (Working Assets) with its 2008 election season political technology strategy, and served as a communication liaison between SEIU and media & financial communities in Japan for the 2008 SEIU delegation to Tokyo.

A recording artist who’s developed a variety of musical projects and his new album is titled Blurred. Alex is a dedicated waste vegetable oil evangelist, fluent in Japanese and holds a Master’s in International Law & Diplomacy from The Fletcher School (at Tufts and Harvard) and a B.A. from Emory University.

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