Sudan Divestment

Eric ReevesBill Baue speaks with Eric Reeves, professor of English at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and host of, about the campaign he helped initiate to divest from international companies doing business with the genocidal regime in Sudan.

Peter Kinder, founding president of socially responsible investing research firm KLD Research & Analytics, compares and contrasts Sudan divestment with South Africa divestment, and KLD research expert on Sudan Claire Moroni discusses KLD’s new Sudan Divestment Tool modeled on the Illinois State divestment legislation. article: KLD and ISS Offer Research Tools for Divesting from Sudanese Genocide and Terrorism article: Divesting From Genocide: A Conversation with Eric Reeves of the Divest Sudan Campaign article: Divesting from Genocide: More Conversation with Eric Reeves of the Divest Sudan Campaign

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