Trends: Wikis for Human Rights


Sea Change Radio looks at the trend of corporate social responsibility using Web 2.0 tools.  In this case, a wiki — BASESwiki, specifically (BASES stands for Business and Society Exploring Solutions.)  The project was spearheaded by Caroline Rees of the Harvard Kennedy School Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative.  She collaborates there with Professor John Ruggie, who is also the United Nations Special Representative on Business and Human Rights.  Working on BASESwiki as part of Ruggie’s team, Rees seeks to leverage the democratic, interactive power of a wiki to gather information on non-judicial dispute resolution at the intersection of business and human rights.  

Translated into English, that’s companies, governments, and others working with human rights abuse victims to find solutions outside the courtroom.  Sea Change Radio Co-Host Bill Baue speaks with Rees about  non-judicial dispute resolution, and why her team chose to use a Web 2.0 application to address this issue.