David Korten Asks: a Wall Street Economy Based on Phantom Wealth, or a Main Street Economy Based on Real Wealth?


Sea Change Radio Co-Host Bill Baue speaks with David Korten about his new book, Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth (Why Wall Street Can’t Be Fixed and How to Replace It).

[amazon-product]1605092894[/amazon-product]David Korten is perhaps best known for When Corporations Rule the World, his 1995 book that arguably set the stage for the 1999 Seattle protests against globalized capitalism at the World Trade Organization meetings.  Flash forward a decade to the fall of 2009, and that very globalized capitalist system experienced a dramatic meltdown.  David Korten mobilized immediately to write a short book analyzing the underpinnings of the breakdown — and pointing the way toward solutions — entitled Agenda for a New Economy.

About Bill Baue

Bill Baue is Co-Director of Sea Change Media, a non-profit that makes connections in the shift to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. He co-hosts/produces Sea Change Radio, a nationally syndicated show that podcasts globally.