The Future of Nowhere: James Howard Kunstler

This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio is author and futurist James Howard Kunstler. In his numerous articles and books he paints a future that involves rather drastic changes to business as usual for the human race. His most recent article in Orion Magazine, Back To The Future, attempts to punch holes in the theories of urbanists like Harvard economist Edward Glaeser who believe that increased, more efficient urbanization can be a life raft for a human race that has already depleted many of earth’s treasures. [amazon-product]0802142494[/amazon-product]In his talk with host Alex Wise, you’ll hear Kunstler’s own dystopian theories on the fate of suburban America, the necessary decline of global commerce, and the bumbling nature of grassroots environmental efforts. But, lest this interview leave us all feeling paralyzed by gloom, Mr. Kunstler talks about what makes him most optimistic about a post-carbon tomorrow.