The Resurgence Of The Rake

This week on Sea Change Radio, we talk about leaf blowers, one of the least eco-friendly items found in the garage or tool-shed of your average American. But in the past two decades these debris blowers have become sort of ubiquitous, almost completely replacing their peaceful, quiet, low-carbon-footprint predecessor, the rake. As the ecological sensibility around the country and the globe continues to evolve, will we see a reversal of this trend? If today’s guests on Sea Change Radio have anything to say about it, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.” First, host Alex Wise speaks with Gretchen Biggs, an environmental attorney and activist who’s working to ban leaf blowers in Greenwich, CT through her organization Greenwich CALM. Then, we hear from Peter Kendall, a resident of a Bay Area suburb whose anti leaf-blower activism was recently featured in a full-length New Yorker article. Pour yourself a glass of iced tea, go ask your neighbor to stop blowing those leaves and dirt onto your stoop and listen to this week’s show as Sea Change Radio advocates for the resurgence of the rake.