Kitt Doucette: From the Frontlines of the Plastic Bag Wars

In just a couple of decades the plastic bag has become ubiquitous on this planet – these “disposable” items don’t biodegrade, however, so they’ve been collecting in our oceans, killing wildlife, and eventually inspiring a movement to push back against their environmental blight. Some cities, counties and even countries have instituted bans and others have put in place policies that charge consumers a few cents per bag in order to dissuade use. But eventually the producers of plastic caught on that there was a growing trend to limit the consumption of an item that’s usually only used for a few minutes, but stays on earth indefinitely. They’ve launched their own offensive, and the fight is starting to look like an all-out war.

This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise speaks with Kitt Doucette, a journalist for Rolling Stone who recently wrote about this war over plastic bags. Doucette talks about the history of the conflict, some of the fronts on which this battle is being waged, and what we can all do to fight back against the corporate bullies gaining ground everyday in this struggle for the earth’s well-being.