New Economic Horizons: Gus Speth & Will Raap

 What would an economy built on principles of fairness and sustainability look like?  How do we model it; where is it emerging; how do we collectively strategize to fully implement it?  These are the questions that’ll be asked at the upcoming Strategies For A New Economy Conference hosted by the New Economics Institute. Sea Change Radio founder Bill Baue serves as this week’s guest host, speaking with two leading environmental thinkers who’ll be participating in the conference.

First, Bill talks to Gus Speth, a Law Professor at the Vermont Law School and the former Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. They discuss the problems with GDP-based economic growth strategies and how we might be able to look beyond striving for endless growth in a world with finite resources. Next, Bill speaks with Will Raap, the founder of both Gardener’s Supply and the Intervale Center, about the struggle to create systems change from the bottom up as well using the state of Vermont as a model for rebuilding our economies.