Steve Almond Pt. 1: On Magical Thoughts

Magical thinking. According to the McGraw Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine, this is a condition, “similar to a normal stage of childhood development, in which thoughts, words or actions assume a magical power, and are able to prevent or cause events to happen without a physical action occurring.” If you think this sounds a little bit like our policy approach to the climate crisis, you’re not alone. Our guest this week on Sea Change Radio is Steve Almond, author, social commentator, and a highly opinionated gentleman. Today, in Part 1 of our two-part discussion, he rails against an infantile, narcissistic mindset that allows denial of science and inaction on the environment. Listen now as Almond and host Alex Wise jaw about the media response to 9/11, scolding our children, and our inalienable right to big sodas.

Click here for the second part of the discussion.