Rock & Droll: Chuck Leavell and “Rep.” Jack Kimble

ChuckLeavellJackKimbleThis week on Sea Change Radio we hear from two very different guests. First, it’s rock and roll legend, conservationist and environmental author, Chuck Leavell. He has played keyboards for the Rolling Stones since 1985 and is also known for his work with artists ranging from The Allman Brothers Band to Eric Clapton to The Black Crowes. Leavell talks to host Alex Wise about the ins and outs of his stellar career as a musician, his founding of the Mother Nature Network, his tireless work for sustainable forestry, and whether or not Alex’s favorite children’s story has a pro-environment message.

Next, Sea Change Radio takes a sharp right turn into the mythical 54th Congressional District of California with ersatz “Representative” Jack Kimble. Like some other members of Congress, Kimble does not let his abject ignorance stand in the way of strong opinion. You may find the interview puts you in mind of Lord Byron’s quote, “Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.”