Creature Adventurer Chris Kratt

Wild-Kratts-postChris_KrattIf you have or even know any kids between the ages of 4 and 16, you may have heard of this week’s guest. Today on Sea Change Radio we are talking with a luminary of children’s television, Chris Kratt. Along with his brother Martin Kratt, Chris writes, produces and stars in two very popular kids’ programs on public television: Zoboomafoo and Wild Kratts.

These shows have engaged a whole new generation of kids on the subject of wildlife, nature, animal habitats, and biodiversity in a way that is as informative as it is playful. Featuring old favorites like koala bears and lions as well as unsung heroes like pigeons, dingoes, and earthworms, the Emmy Award-winning Kratts channel their incomparable enthusiasm into lessons on the unique roles all animals play in nature. Kratt and host Alex Wise talk about the origins of the shows, the brothers’ animal preserve, and then we welcome a very special, pint-sized guest host who asks Chris Kratt some hard-hitting journalistic questions.