Sustainability Is The New Black

designhouseIf you moved into a new home that was three-times the square-footage you’d probably expect to see your utility bills go up by a lot, right? Well, our guests this week on Sea Change Radio managed to make such a move, without increasing their monthly utilities by a dime. How’d they do it?  By approaching home and interior design with a sustainability lens, architect George Bradley and his partner Eddie Baba have succeeded in making a beautiful and livable space while reducing their impact on the earth. Host Alex Wise recently toured their elegant San Francisco home and saw for himself how they are using solar panels, strategically-placed windows, reclaimed wood, and drought-resistant gardening to make style seriously sustainable. They talk about their process for putting it all together, the increasing affordability of sustainable home solutions like rooftop solar panels and LED lighting, and the growing fashionability of being ecologically responsible.