What the Lobster Knew: Biomimicry + Concrete

BrentConstantzDid you know that the production of cement is responsible for 5% of the carbon dioxide emissions on the planet? Our guest today on Sea Change Radio is geologist, biomineralization expert, and entrepreneur, Brent Constantz. His start-up company, Blue Planet Ltd., hopes to use biomimicry to transform carbon dioxide to a calcium carbonate base that can be used to build, pave and even roof.

Not only would this innovative process reduce the use of fossil-fuels involved in the production of conventional cement and concrete, according to Constantz the process is so scalable it could fundamentally transform how we approach coal emissions. Mineralization that mimics the mastery of a lobster shedding and growing a new shell is at the heart of this technology which has the dual utility of carbon sequestration and building material as sustainable as it is durable.  Blue Planet concrete is not the first innovation to be inspired by nature, but it may be the first to apply the biochemistry of sea creatures like lobsters and corals to carbon capture.