Troubled Coastlines From Louisiana To Maine, Pt. II

Bob mug shot, fishingLast week on Sea Change Radio, we spoke with Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Bob Marshall about Louisiana’s shrinking coastline. And this week we continue to talk about coastlines. First, in the second part of our discussion with Bob Marshall, we focus on the massive undertaking of reversing a century and a half of policies that have left the Mississippi River Delta region battered.Marshall will tell us about the struggle to raise funds and political will in a part of the country where oil and gas are king. Then, from the deep South we go “Down East” to talk with former Maine State Representative Seth Berry about his state’s coastal problems — ocean acidifcation and rising sea temperatures are putting much of Maine’s fishing economy at risk. Like Louisiana, Maine has a Republican Governor, who has been throwing up obstacles for environmental groups who are trying to address the issue. Berry discusses what it will take to win the battle against the governor Politico dubbed, “America’s Craziest.”

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