Solar Access Warming For Renters

AdamBrowningIs your home one of the millions that haven’t been able to get solar because you’re a renter? The cost of solar panel installation is half of what it was just five years ago, which should be opening up opportunity everywhere. But many homes and businesses are locked out because they don’t own their rooftops. The good news is that policymakers are starting to look for creative ways to expand solar access — just recently, the Obama Administration announced a $520 million initiative for community solar farms which could allow everyone to get on board the renewable revolution. This week on Sea Change Radio, we talk about this community solar initiative in a panel discussion with Adam Browning and Katherine Bagley. Browning is the executive director of the non-profit solar advocacy organization, Vote Solar, and Bagley is an environmental reporter for Inside Climate News.

One thought on “Solar Access Warming For Renters

  1. I personally feel happy for the low- and moderate-income Americans who do not actually “Own the roof”. Being someone from this industry I can clearly tell that this will pull in investments from at least 50-75% of the mid sized Business owners who share a common roof in their multi-unit buildings. US has shown great increase when compared to Australia even in the year 2014 in terms of the number of installations. This is also one of the reason why the original cost has come down drastically.

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