What’s cooking? Solar Stoves with Julie Greene

JulieGreeneThis week many people in the United States will be spending a fair amount of time laboring over elaborate meals, baking pies, roasting turkeys (or tofurkeys), and beating the lumps out of the gravy. In  the developing world, they may not be celebrating Thanksgiving, but there’s still news on the cooking front. Billions of people around the world cook with high-emissions methods. The fuel they use is dirty, expensive, and can be extremely labor-intensive, especially for girls and women.

So where is the good news? Well, in 2010 Hillary Clinton announced the creation of a Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, a coalition of for-profit and nonprofit organizations working together to spread cleaner cooking to the developing world. Today on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise speaks with Julie Greene, executive director of Solar Cookers International, one of the partners in the Global Alliance. They discuss her organization’s work, some of the business models being used to advance cleaner cooking around the world, and how Shell Oil’s foundation is sneaking fossil fuel into the “clean” cooking mix.

3 thoughts on “What’s cooking? Solar Stoves with Julie Greene

  1. Great and informative Interview by Julie Green and hope more and more people use and adopt to solar cooking the only technology that does not produce carbon emmision.

  2. very comprehensive presentation,i hope now is the time to answer at the great world demande of solar oven use, like my earer the west Africa, the vision of my organizatio ‘s Association Volontaires Guinéens pour l’Environnement, is todistribute 8.000.000 solra parabolicbefore 2025 to benefite of 500.000 families in each of 8 targeted member states of the ECOWAS space. now with the global alliance i belive that the promotors and the thousand of sympatisans and volunteers will meet their commetment.WE WILL ACCOPLISH

  3. Excellent interview! Nice job Julie. Thanks for the most current info on all types of solar cookers and status of the technology. Can’t wait for solar thermal cooking and water Pasteurization to go mainstream for the sake of better health and a cleaner earth.

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