Alex Camacho: Supreme Court Climate

AlexCamachoRemember the Paris Climate Agreement, when it looked for a moment like world leaders were actually going to address our shared global concern? Well, last week the US Supreme Court, in an unprecedented move, granted a stay to the utility companies and 27 states who had filed suit to halt the Obama Administration’s lynchpin environmental legislation – the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The stay posed a threat to the recent Paris Climate Agreement. But then, over the weekend, things took a dramatic turn with the death of the Supreme Court’s arch-conservative, Antonin Scalia. So what does it all mean for US climate policy? Joining us this week on Sea Change Radio to make sense of the complexities of these court proceedings is environmental law expert Alex Camacho, a Professor at the University of California at Irvine. He describes the implications of the stay, and explains how Scalia’s passing does and does not affect this decision by the Court.