Saving Our Skin: Conservation on Land + Sea

paulsalamanThere’s more than one way to support ecological conservation. Today on Sea Change Radio we talk with two individuals working on different fronts for the same cause. First, host Alex Wise speaks with Dr. Paul Salaman, the CEO of the Rainforest Trust, an international conservation organization. They talk about the organization’s efforts to defend fragile ecosystems, the technologies they use to monitor the species they protect, and their methods for engaging indigenous peoples, governments, and private companies to set aside land and ensure the preservation of vulnerable species. Then we hear from Shilpi Chhotray, an ocean advocate for Mission Blue who’s also the founder of Samudra Skin & Sea, a line of sustainable beauty products. If Chhotray’s name sounds familiar it may be because she was a Sea Change Radio guest in 2014, talking about the role of women in the burgeoning seaweed industry in India. That work in India inspired Chhotray to create a company that offers an alternative to conventional beauty products. Samudra Skin & Sea helps protect the ocean by crafting creams that use sustainably harvested seaweed, avoiding plastic throughout its supply chain, and partnering with ocean advocacy organizations to support a shared mission of ocean conservation.