How We Fight Back: Part I

zackbeckyAll over the world people who care about the environment are watching the US President-Elect sketch out a blueprint for disaster. To head the EPA he has tapped a man who demonstrates open disdain for the very agency he would be running, and for Department of Energy Chief his choice is a guy who announced on a national stage that that department should be dismantled. It’s no wonder climate scientists around the country are scrambling to back up their research data, fearing it might vanish in the years ahead. Signs point to an incoming Administration that will undo hard-fought progress on all environmental fronts. But this week on Sea Change Radio, we talk to two political organizers who have written a roadmap for how we fight back. We hear from Becky Bond and Zack Exley, two senior advisers from the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and authors of the new book, “Rules For Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything.” We discuss Sanders’s dark horse candidacy, extract lessons learned, and talk about strategies that could be applied to the environmental struggle moving forward.