Incoming EPA Chief: Fox In The Henhouse

rebeccaleberWhen someone sues an organization repeatedly and then gets put in charge of that agency it’s a pretty classic example of the fox guarding the henhouse. Welcome to the Bizarro World of the Trump Administration where the fossil fuel industry’s favorite son, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, is poised to run the Environmental Protection Agency. The appointment of a climate change denier like Pruitt to run the EPA affirms, as NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen has put it, that “the US government is officially done with being evidence-based.” On this week’s Sea Change Radio, Mother Jones reporter Rebecca Leber gives us a closer look at the new head of the EPA, what his appointment means politically, what the repercussions could be for the climate and how states may be able to protect the environment locally.

One thought on “Incoming EPA Chief: Fox In The Henhouse

  1. I was a democratic voter for most of my life until this election. Of all President Trump’s cabinet picks, there are two that I wish could be rejected. Pruitt is one of them. That said, this is how I will console myself when he is approved. The Trump administration is open and straightforward about their intentions to cut government regulations. Obama was a secretive, disingenuous puppet for his masters. If Warren Buffet wanted to transport oil by rail that’s how it was done. He went into office claiming to be a man of peace, then dropped more bombs than Bush. If his yid masters wanted him to destroy the ecology of Syria to drive out a christian regime and perpetuate soft white genocide in Europe, Obama obliged. He was willing to lay waste to Russia for the sake of a Soros-concocted world order. I voted for him once and I recognize him to be pure darkness. The middle class white man was shit on his heel. So, I will excuse Trump for his in-your-face ignorance. We are so much better off with him, than with Clinton.

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