Ganjapreneurs: Andy Greenberg & Sharon Krinsky

With the passing of the 21st amendment in 1933, the United States repealed alcohol prohibition. Prior to the prohibition era, saloons had catered to an almost exclusively male clientele. So it took several years for distillers and brewers to catch on to the fact that women enjoyed drinking alcohol, as well. The first successful spirits marketing campaign that targeted women, for Crown Royal whiskey, was in 1939 – with the velvety purple pouch apparently meant to double as a jewelry bag. Fast forward to 2017, where cannabis prohibition is beginning to crumble state-by-state. Like its liquid predecessor, the cannabis industry is still largely male-dominated. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to two women who are working to change all that. Andy Greenberg and Sharon Krinsky, are the founders of Society Jane, a cannabis business that targets women customers. We discuss the game-changing medicinal benefits of a relatively new cannabonoid derivative, CBD, how it appeals to a female market, and the challenges this burgeoning industry faces while prohibition is still technically the law of the land.

One thought on “Ganjapreneurs: Andy Greenberg & Sharon Krinsky

  1. OMG! Just hear the podacst Granjapreneur. “Kids who are out to get into trouble will get into trouble whether Canabis is legal or not”. Seriously! There is so much don’t care in only one sentence! And comparing whiskey with smoking, you’re missing a point: what about unwanted passive smoking? kids, adults, in their own apartment with paperthin wall, in an office or in front of buildings… where is the separation between public and private place?

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