Zero Mass Water: A New Source for H2O

In our household we do our best to avoid buying bottled water – we’re keenly aware of what those darn plastic bottles are doing to the environment. Instead, we just drink our tap water – it’s safe and delicious, because we live in San Francisco, and our water is sourced from the magnificent Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. But not everyone in the United States can rely on their tap water to be safe. The horrifying reports of lead-tainted water in Flint, Michigan and other locations across the United States are a stark reminder of the inadequacy of local water infrastructure. What alternative do communities like that have? Our guest today on Sea Change Radio believes he has an answer. Zero Mass Water CEO and founder, Cody Friesen has launched a product called Source which uses special solar panels called hydropanels to transform humidity in the air into enough drinking water for most families to live comfortably. Friesen describes how his company’s technology works (even in arid climates), how much it costs, and what it could mean for populations who rely too heavily on bottled water.