Progressive Race in the Keystone State

What would US energy policy look like if we had more committed progressives in Congress? Our guest today on Sea Change Radio, Ray Linsenmayer, hopes he can help us find out. Just weeks ago, Democrat Conor Lamb narrowly beat Republican Rick Saccone in a Pennsylvania special election to fill a seat in the US House of Representatives. Now Conor Lamb finds himself having to run again in a different, newly created congressional district – the primary set for May 15th. Ray Linsenmayer is among Lamb’s Democratic challengers. Linsenmayer is a former executive in the renewable energy space and an unabashed progressive. We ask him to help us sort out the confusing political landscape in Pennsylvania, with its redistricting, gerrymandering, and special elections; we learn more about his positions on energy solutions like carbon capture and storage, and we find out what’s driving him to run for Congress. Then, we dig into the Sea Change Radio archives and learn more about desalination technology from energy reporter Sammy Roth.