Keith Schneider: Malaysian Building Boom

Over the last few decades, the skyline of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur has mushroomed – a conglomeration of skyscrapers highlighted by The Petronas Twin Towers, two of the world’s tallest buildings, now obscure the horizon in this rapidly-developing city. Is all this construction a good thing for the country? And to what extent are developers and the Malaysian government considering sustainability in this building spree? To better understand the environmental costs and benefits of Southeast Asia’s massive infrastructure developments, Mongabay sent correspondent Keith Schneider to Malaysia. Schneider is our guest today on Sea Change Radio. He gives us an overview of the construction projects, compares them to those of Malaysia’s neighbors in the region, and discusses the influx of Chinese capital flooding the country. As you will discover, Schneider came away from his visit with a surprisingly optimistic outlook on the country’s future.