Ian Power: Rocking Climate Change

There is no silver bullet to solve the intractable problem of global warming. Nevertheless, there is a lot of vital and hopeful work being done to chip away at the mountain of problems human beings have wreaked on this planet. This week on Sea Change Radio, we look at two innovative ideas that are moving us in a hopeful direction. First, we speak to Ian Power, an assistant professor at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, who is working on a breakthrough in manufacturing a CO2-absorbing mineral called magnesite in a fraction of the time that it forms in nature. We discuss his team’s research, learn about the methods they used, and talk about this unusual mineral’s potential to fight climate change. Then, we revisit a 2017 interview with the CEO of Zero Mass Water, Cody Friesen, to learn about his company’s promising technology that uses special solar panels to transform humidity in the air into clean drinking water.