The Ramez Naam Plan For De-Carbonization, Pt. 1 (re-broadcast)

Whether or not we use the name Green New Deal to describe a set of aggressive long-term policies that will help humanity in the fight against climate change, most rational people agree that the status quo is completely unacceptable. The potential of a Green New Deal is that it could pave the way for some great minds to devise concrete proposals for reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with one of those great minds, Ramez Naam, a futurist and technologist who’s crafted his own sort of Green New Deal. We delve into the nuts and bolts of Naam’s proposal and the problems it’s trying to solve, as he makes the case for why we may actually see bipartisan support for such a proposal.

One thought on “The Ramez Naam Plan For De-Carbonization, Pt. 1 (re-broadcast)

  1. Near the end of the show Naam says how republicans won’t agree to policy changes that promote denser housing and transit oriented development, but will support “innovative technology”.

    What’s with these jerks? They are like children where you have to hide the medicine in their food.

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