Steve Almond: How To Take Back the White House in 2020

What can all the money in the world buy you? Thanks to the Beatles, we already know it’s not love, but could it perhaps buy you the most powerful office in the world? We may have an answer to this question as early as Super Tuesday, as one of the wealthiest humans on the planet attempts to buy the US presidency. This week on Sea Change Radio, we talk to author Steve Almond about the state of the Democratic primary. He offers his perspective on what we should be learning from Mike Bloomberg’s political ads that presently blanket our nation’s air waves, how the age of Trump changes the way that people view the field of presidential hopefuls, and what Democrats need to do if the nominee ends up being someone other than their favorite.

One thought on “Steve Almond: How To Take Back the White House in 2020

  1. Why push centrist views in a time where the left has the momentum it has? Horrible thing to wake up to. This guy making the case that any of those Dems on stage last night would be better than Trump leaves out the important fact that none of them beat him by any sort of comfortable margin in the many polls that have come out. You folks are capitulating for candidates that will run the same course as HRC in 2016. Stop blaming yourselves for that debacle. That was squarely on the Democrats. Go work for Bernie.

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