Driven To Tears: Stefanie Lemcke + Jim Parry

Do you ever find yourself sitting stuck in traffic with your thoughts moving from benign irritation with the sheer number of cars on the road, to a fixation upon humanity’s encroaching doom? If you do, then this week’s episode of Sea Change Radio is right up your alley (or freeway, or creaky bridge). First, we talk to Stefanie Lemcke, the founder of a carpooling app for families who are sick of carting their children all over town in a not-so-environmentally friendly manner, and want a convenient way to connect with other riders and drivers. Then, we indulge those of you who tend toward catastrophic thinking by speaking with Jim Parry, a former ad executive who’s now an author (and cynic). He has put together a very informative, and sometimes darkly humorous, compendium of some of the biggest hurdles facing humankind today.