Marie Mutskui Mockett: American Harvest

Anyone who has gone to the grocery store during the COVID-19 health crisis must have wondered to themselves at some point why there was no toilet paper, milk or flour all of a sudden. It’s an important reminder that most of us have very little idea how things go from being planted in the ground to being stocked on our shelves. On this week’s Sea Change Radio, we speak with Marie Mutsuki Mockett, an author whose family owns a wheat farm in Nebraska. Her new book, American Harvest, takes us inside the world of wheat harvesting. We get a glimpse into the lives of the farmers she met while researching her book, discuss how those in the industry are coping with the pandemic and take a closer look at some of the agricultural industry’s practices.

One thought on “Marie Mutskui Mockett: American Harvest

  1. PBS ust aired “H2O: The molecule that made us” Wednesday April 29th in Denver area.
    I was shocked at how inefficient is our agricultural use of water.

    Were you aware if this? If not, PLEASE check out that program.

    Worldwide, we are using more fresh water than is being replenished by nature and aquifers are being tapped & drained faster than they can be filled as well!
    Did you know that to produce ONE pound of tomatoes it takes 26 gallons of water? That’s crazy!

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