The Dow of Deception: Mark Tulay

As the horrendous economic news continues to pile up, somehow stock prices keep bouncing back, leaving many of us scratching our heads. This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio tries to help us make sense of it all. Mark Tulay, a consultant and expert in the field of sustainable investing, breaks down how Wall St. can essentially ignore economic reality, and how the stock market paints a picture of economic health despite the tens of millions of Americans suddenly out of work. Will Wall St. be able to paper over the vast inequities in this country and propel the Sociopath-in-Chief to re-election in November? Or will this finally be the moment when we recognize that the stock market is a poor barometer for the country’s economic well-being? We also discuss the pandemic’s effect on sustainable investment, examine which companies are seriously committed to the green revolution, and try to predict what this upheaval will mean for Wall St. long term.