Daniel Kirk-Davidoff on Grids + Climate Reports

Did you lose power at some point this summer? Between the gaps in electricity service, sheltering in place, the fires on the West Coast, and the multiple tropical storms hitting in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, people in the US have many reasons to be averting their gaze from the future of our climate. There are, however, a few courageous souls in our institutions of higher learning who persist in imagining what the world will look like a decade or more into the future. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to Daniel Kirk-Davidoff, a research scientist at Underwriters Laboratories. He gives us a glimpse into the 2035 climate report from the Center for Environmental Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley – there’s actually some good news in there. He also sheds light on the complex choices and gambles that result in rolling blackouts across the US. While record high temperatures battered the world this summer, not every country’s electrical grid responded in the same way.