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Shareholders Ask Corporations to Do The Right Thing

Andrew-ShalitAnnual shareholder meetings in April and May are a time to press companies to do the right thing on environment and human rights. CWR discusses shareholder fights at DuPont(toxic chemicals), Dow Chemical (Bhopal), Whole Foods (toxics in products), CVS and others.

A report back on a public conversation at the American Bar Association with a Chevron lawyer regarding their potential pollution liabilities in Ecuador. Guests include Julie Gozan of Amalgamated Bank and Andrew Shalit of Green Century Capital Management.

Phasing Out Lawn Chemicals

Just in time for spring – a better way to care for lawns, without using toxic chemicals. Bill Ravanesi, grassroots activist from Longmeadow, Mass, describes his campaign in Longmeadow to prevent the town from using toxic pesticides and herbicides on town property.

Andrew-ShalitAndrew Shalit of Green Century Capital Management, discusses the shareholder resolution to phase out toxic chemical usage that will be voted on at Servicemaster, the parent company of Chemlawn. And Jody Shapiro discusses the broadcast documentary in production, The Truth About Cats, Dogs, and Lawn Chemicals, which she is coproducing with Corporate Watchdog Radio cohost Sanford Lewis.


The Truth About Cats, Dogs, and Lawn Chemicals (video website and trailer)

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