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Cayapa: Social Economy Promotes the Common Good


Bill Baue

This week, Sea Change Co-Host Bill Baue speaks with Benito Diaz of the University of the Andes in Venezuela.  Diaz edits the journal Cayapa, an indigenous term for mutual benefit — a notion that encapsulates the philosophy of the social economy.  And later in the show, Baue provides the Sea Change ViewPoint commenting on the new Walmart Sustainable Product Index.

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Seeding the Solidarity Economy

solidarityeconomyThe Center for Popular Economics (CPE) recently hosted the first Forum on the Solidarity Economy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst — home of Sea Change Radio.  CPE Executive Director Emily Kawano explains the theory and practice behind the solidarity economy, and discusses strategies and next steps for the US Solidarity Economy Network in cultivating a socially and environmentally sustainable economy.  And Chilo Villarreal of the Coalición Rural in Mexico illustrates solidarity economy concepts through story.   Finally, the News Analysis examines the business of water.

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Launching the Solidarity Economy

Emily Kawano, executive director of the Center for Popular Economics in Amherst, Massachusetts, discusses the launch of the US Solidarity Economy Network coming out of the US Social Forum in Atlanta in June 2007. Co-hosts Francesca Rheannon and Bill Baue ask Kawano to explain the defining features of Solidarity Economy–how big an umbrella it is, how it distinguishes itself from the competitive framework of current neoliberal economics, and how it can promote true social and environmental sustainability.

Center for Popular Economics

US Solidarity Economy Network