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Obama Is Showing Up in Copenhagen — But Will He Step Up to Climate Leadership?

TaniaHaldarHartThis week’s Sea Change Radio News Analysis comes from Tania Haldar Hart:

In a promising turn of events, President Obama announced on Wednesday, November 25th, that he will participate in the UN’s Climate Conference in Copenhagen, next month. This gesture has resurrected the possibilities of bolder outcomes emerging from the upcoming deliberations.  While at COP15 on December 9th, he is expected to announce a provisional US emissions reduction target of 17 percent by 2020 and 83 percent by 2050. Hopes were dashed earlier this month at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Singapore when he and other world leaders concluded that there will not be a binding climate treaty coming out of Copenhagen.

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350: A Number to Save Us from Climate Chaos?


Sea Change Climate Correspondent Cimbria Badenhausen covers the International Day of Climate Action by talking beforehand with 350.org Director Bill McKibben.  The Bioneers by the Bay Conference celebrated Climate Action Day with a 350 event MC’ed by rapper Tem Blessed, featuring talks by Callum Grieve of the Climate Group and Marty Driggs, a member of the Youth Initiative Planning Committee for the Bioneers by the Bay Conference.  Also at Bioneers, Cimbria caught up with sustainability guru Paul Hawken, who told Cimbria of the Arctic trip that Scandinavian royalty invited him to attend, to witness and study the impacts of climate change.  And finally, ZipCar Founder Robin Chase describes the controversial “Supermodels Strip for Climate Action” video her daughter conceived and produced.

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