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Amanda Eaken on the Rise of Collaborative Consumption

AmandaEaken63000116_b10317f5f1_qWith the climate crisis staring us right in the face, the need to transform our daily routines has become increasingly apparent. A part of the solution may be a new twist on the very old concept of sharing things, it’s called collaborative consumption. We’ve seen how peer-to-peer networks allow us to share and buy goods and services from each other, and now that same concept is being applied by communities all over the world as a more efficient way to get around.

This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio, Amanda Eaken, the Deputy Director of Sustainable Communities at the Natural Resources Defense Council will walk us through these new modes of shared transportation – from bike-sharing to carpooling to taxi and car sharing – and show how emerging smart phone technology is playing a vital role in their rising popularity.

Here’s a link to Rachel Botsman’s TED talk about collaborative consumption that Ms. Eaken refers to in the interview.

Steve Almond Pt. 1: On Magical Thoughts

Magical thinking. According to the McGraw Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine, this is a condition, “similar to a normal stage of childhood development, in which thoughts, words or actions assume a magical power, and are able to prevent or cause events to happen without a physical action occurring.” If you think this sounds a little bit like our policy approach to the climate crisis, you’re not alone. Our guest this week on Sea Change Radio is Steve Almond, author, social commentator, and a highly opinionated gentleman. Today, in Part 1 of our two-part discussion, he rails against an infantile, narcissistic mindset that allows denial of science and inaction on the environment. Listen now as Almond and host Alex Wise jaw about the media response to 9/11, scolding our children, and our inalienable right to big sodas.

Click here for the second part of the discussion.