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What’s Ecological Intelligence? Daniel Goleman Explains


On this week’s Sea Change Radio, Host Bill Baue speaks with Daniel Goleman about his new book, Ecological Intelligence — the followup to his bestselling Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence series.  And this week’s NewsAnalysis comes from Tania Haldar Hart, who looks at two treaties competing for adoption at the COP15 Climate Conference coming up in Copenhagen in December.

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WebExtra: Daniel Goleman on Hannaford’s Nutrition Ratings


After Sea Change Host Bill Baue finished the main interview with Daniel Goleman about Ecological Intellgence, Baue remembered the specific example of Hannaford’s Supermarkets, which devised its own “Guiding Stars” nutrition labeling for the foods it sells. Goleman was gracious enough to spend a few extra minutes describing this example and its broader significance in this WebExtra — give it a listen.