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World-Class Cities Redefined

MatthewGarbettDonald ShoupWhat makes a world-class city? Is it just having winning sports teams, good shopping centers, and iconic sky-scrapers? Or should having progressive practices that promote sustainability count among the world-class city criteria? One Atlanta resident, Matthew Garbett, thinks that the energy expended on cultivating tourist attractions and building sports arenas would be better spent creating walkable neighborhoods and slow growth that support community connection and sustainability.

Among Garbett’s list of grievances is the abundance of parking lots that “prevent neighborhoods from becoming vibrant.” And speaking of parking lots, our second guest today is Donald Shoup, an urban planner who has famously suggested that free parking actually brings tremendous costs to a city. Matthew Garbett and host Alex Wise‘s 2010 discussion with Donald Shoup on this week’s Sea Change Radio.

The Price of Free Parking: A Conversation With Urban Planning Expert Donald Shoup

UCLA Urban Planning Professor, Donald Shoup, advocates for a different way to view parking the cars we drive. While he freely admits that nobody likes to pay for parking, he feels strongly that the cost of parking is embedded in our lifestyle and that abundant free parking comes with a very dear price. This week on Sea Change Radio, Alex Wise speaks with Donald Shoup, parking policy authority and author of The High Cost of Free Parking. They discuss the environmental impact of free parking and Shoup offers a rational for revising traditional approaches to urban planning.