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Greenpeace’s Rolf Skar On Big Paper

RolfSkar2Money doesn’t grow on trees, but if you’re a paper company, trees are definitely how you make your money. Paper production is one of the leading causes of rainforest loss. Nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper.Read the show transcript

Arctic 30 Update and Fog Harvesting

GarethMcKinleyKeillerMacDuffBy now you may have heard about the arrest of 30 activists in the arctic by the Russian government. This week on Sea Change Radio we hear the harrowing tale from Keiller MacDuff, a Greenpeace colleague of the imprisoned group that has become known as the Arctic 30.

Then, host Alex Wise speaks to Gareth McKinley, an MIT professor whose students have come up with a potential solution for the rainless days that await many regions as climate change takes hold – a technology that effectively converts fog into potable water.

Rolf Skar: Living In the Age of Fire

RolfSkar29626930351_036f3a74e5_qMassive wildfires, like the recent so-called “Rim Fire” which threatened the region near Yosemite National Park, seem to be far-too-frequent events these days.  The Rim Fire, which apparently was caused by a hunter’s illegal campfire is now thankfully 80% contained at the cost of about $100 million, but its effects are long-term and far-reaching, and they raise some important larger questions: Are we heading in the right direction in terms of forestry policy? Are we learning from past mistakes? And are fires like this always bad?

This week on Sea Change Radio, we welcome back Rolf Skar, the director of forestry management for Greenpeace, to break down the impact of the Rim Fire and answer our questions about the broader context of this fire and its ilk.

Designer Genes Without Labels: The Fight For GMO Transparency

Have you ever tasted a strawberry whose DNA was altered to include fish genes? In the United States, genetically modified foods are not generally labeled as such.  This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio is Charles Margulis, Communications and Food Program Director at the Center for Environmental Health and former lead for Greenpeace’s Genetic Engineering Campaign. Margulis believes that American consumers have the right to know when they are eating genetically modified organisms, or, as he calls them, unlabeled experimental foods. Listen as he speaks with host Alex Wise about the rise of the GMO, the movement pushing for more regulation of GMOs, and the substantial resistance that proponents of GMO labeling have encountered.


Podcast Exclusive: The Impact of Rising Sea Levels (not for radio distribution)

The founder of Sungevity (a Sea Change Radio sponsor), long-time social entrepreneur, and a former Greenpeace campaign manager, Danny Kennedy sits down with host Alex Wise to discuss the impact of rising sea levels on some of the world’s poorest countries.

Podcast exclusive: Current State of Solar (not for radio distribution)

Founder of Sungevity (a Sea Change Radio sponsor), social entrepreneur, and a former Greenpeace campaign manager, solar executive Danny Kennedy sits down with host Alex Wise to update us on all things solar. Here’s a link to the Don Blankenship/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. debate that Wise and Kennedy discuss as well.

Podcast Exclusive: The Hardest Hit By Climate Change (not for radio distribution)

Founder of Sungevity (a Sea Change Radio sponsor), long-time social entrepreneur, and a former Greenpeace campaign manager, Danny Kennedy sits down with host Alex Wise to discuss how global climate change is disproportionately affecting those who can least afford it.

Podcast exclusive: How Solar Stacks Up (not for radio distribution)

Founder of Sungevity (a Sea Change Radio sponsor), long-time social entrepreneur, and a former Greenpeace campaign manager, Danny Kennedy sits down with host Alex Wise to discuss how solar energy compares today to other solutions and some of the challenges the solar industry faces. Kennedy talks about the regulatory hurdles facing the solar industry, the efficiency of the technology itself and a long-term view of the renewable energy market in the U.S.

Deforestation Condemnation: Greenpeace’s Rolf Skar

According to the World Bank, Indonesia is the planet’s third largest carbon dioxide emitter. But the problem in Indonesia differs from ours here in the United States. Rather than pollutants from cars or the energy and industrial sectors, in Indonesia, the primary culprit is deforestation. More than 64 million acres of Indonesia’s forests have been cut down or burned over the past two decades in order to make room for industrial growth.

Fortunately, Greenpeace has been working hard on a campaign to stop deforestation in places like Indonesia. By pressuring key corporations and governments, Greenpeace is helping to save many forests and slow climate change. One of the voices behind the Greenpeace campaign is Rolf Skar, a senior deforestation campaigner with the organization. Sea Change Radio host Alex Wise sits down with Skar this week as they discuss deforestation in Indonesia, the UN Climate Change Conference that kicks off in Cancun, Mexico next week, and how we can all make a difference with day-to-day choices as consumers.Read the show transcript

Startups Help Homeowners Conserve

This week on Sea Change Radio, a profile of three Bay Area companies trying to help people lower their electric bills. Alex Wise first speaks with Danny Kennedy, the founder of Sungevity, a company that provides customers with solar installation quotes remotely using satellite imaging technology. Mr. Kennedy, who worked as an activist before entering the solar business, also discusses the issues facing. Next, we hear from the founders of two home energy auditing startups – Steve Malloy of YoutilBill and Matt Golden of Recurve.